Chiro for Sale

High-Income Clinic with Steady Growth + Additional Upside


$470,000 gross income    |    > $200,000 net income    |    >40% profit margin!!!

Why This Clinic?

Exceptional price point for a thriving clinic with > $200,000 net profit


Award-winning clinic enjoys stellar reputation both on and off line!


Clinic specializes in family care, soft tissue work + sports injury management


Excellent passive income streams from established associate + Osteopath


No current marketing  online or off-line


3-10 new patients without any advertising, website, or social media. Imagine the upside.


30 hours per week + 20 days of vacation annually = Lots of room to grow on schedule


Highly trained staff run a very efficient clinic- DC has less than 10 missed visits per month!


$50,000 of AR- 90% is under 60 days! - available for cash flow from day one


Long Term accidents cases > 40, each with multiple visits per month.


DC willing to stay for a month to ensure smooth transition and will formally introduce and transfer the patients.


Reason for Sale and low price: DC relocating to another country















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Clinic & Area Details

  • The Clinic is located 3 minutes from Square One and the heart of Mississauga.
  • 840 square feet, 4 rooms plus an office that can be used as a treatment room.
  • One chiropractor that is fully booked weekly and he works 2 times per week. Our massage therapy is on hold and there is great demand. The new owner needs to hire one or two RMTs. There is an osteopath who rents a room three times a week and he manages his own files and bookings.
  • DC works 6 hours a day Monday to Thursday. Friday and Sunday off. 4 hours Saturday morning.
  • The location is established and has a 5 star rating on Google.
  • There will be 14 new buildings arising over the next few years.
  • The rent is currently 2500 plus TMI which is a family deal from the owner of the plaza. Typical rent for such a unit ranges from 4 to 6000 dollars on average. The advantage will be passed on to the new owner.
  • The renting osteopath pays three hundred dollars a month with an agreement that his rental fee will increase this November.

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